Unlimited Arts Company
is on this moment a colloboration of Sign Dance Collective U.K., VSA Arts Europe, Theatregroup TalkingHands and Theatregroup Diagonaal from Amsterdam Holland.
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Unlimited Arts Company, founded by Joke Menssink, is a multi-national umbrella company of disabled and non-disabled artists. Unlimited Arts Company will be a catalyst for a European Arts Groups. She wants to lay the basis for a European network of integrated companies of physically challenged and able-bodied, deaf and hearing actors/performers/ directors.To open the possibility for future exchanges of ideas, experiences, skills and working methods in this fast-developing area of arts practice.
The Company's first aim is to raise the profile of disability culture by presenting performance work of high standards whilst being innovative and challenging. The workshops, lectures and demonstrations from the groups will serve to break down cultural and social barriers between disabled and non-disabled people.



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2003/2004 realised

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International PROJECTS archive:

(DV Pal) A haunting evocation of long-lost love, based on anamorphosis

small project in 2001


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Sign Dance Collective


Talking Hands

In october 2002 we performed in Guarda Portugal

Joke Menssink

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