Pim Grooten, Henk Huisman

Eveneens in1993 breekt DIAGONAAL door in het buitenland. Voorstellingen van "To see and not to see" werden uitgebracht in BRUSSEL (Very Special Arts Festival) en EDINBURG THEATER FESTIVAL. In november 1996 wordt deze voorstelling opnieuw gespeeld, in Zuid-Afrika, en tot slot in het Nottingham Theatre Festival in Juni 1997.


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We have teamed up with three leading Disabled Performing Arts companies to create a new piece of work called:


The three companies:

  • De Wereld van Diagonaal (The World of Diagonal) from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Crei-Sants, BCN Doble CIA Teatre (Barcelona Double Theatre) from Spain
  • Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre, Liverpool, Great Britain,

Have formed an umbrella company called the ‘Unlimited Arts Company’.

The three European companies have already worked together in Manchester in June 1997 culminating with a performance at the Chapman Theatre, University of Salford on the19th and 20th of June. The next phases will occur in Eindhoven, The Netherlands in November 1997 leading to a performance at the Klein Theater the14th and 15th of November and in Barcelona, Spain in April1998 leading also to two performances. *OJO*EYE*OOG* was also in residency at The East Midland Shape International Festival from 22th to 27th of June 1997.

The overall *OJO*EYE*OOG* theme is:


The collaboration explores the unique ways of working together involving Dance, Theatre, Film and Live Music.

All host-groups will also performed a play from their own company. For example, Manchester Common Ground choose ‘Pink Promenade’.

*OJO*EYE*OOG* Artists and Support Staff

(Information and Photos Coming Soon)