Unlimited Arts Company


Unlimited Ads Company is a multi-national project composed of disabled and non-disabled artists from international Arts Companies.

The Company's first aim is to raise the profile of disability culture and deaf culture by presentting performance work of high standards whilst being innovative and challenging. The workshops, lectures and demonstrations from the groups will serve to break down cultural and social barriers between disabled and non-disabled people.

Unlimited Ads Company will be a catalyst for a European Arts Groups

create workshops, performances and exchange of ideas between groups of artists in EU countries. -To further the training of professional and semi-professional artists working in the areas of performance and live art through an exchange of skills.

-To work across the divides of disabillty, language and medium of expression.

-To lay the basis for a European network of integrated companies of physically challenged and able-bodied, deaf and hearing actors/performers/directors. -To open the possibillty for future exchanges of ideas, experiences, skills and working methods in this fast-developing area of arts practice.

-To present public demonstrations of work and performances

-To create lasting video documents in co-operation with national/regional television for both broadcast and educational purposes. -To create training opportunities for disabled performers in the fields of direction, choreography and coordination/administration.

Evaluation first EU 1997 project

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